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Introducing the playAWARDS Loyalty Center SDK

At playAWARDS, we’re committed to providing your players with a full-featured loyalty experience. We’re also committed to providing our app partners with a smooth integration, a robust suite of tools, and loyalty management that’s easy as pie.


With that in mind, we created the playAWARDS Loyalty Center SDK. The Loyalty Center is an HTML-powered, full-featured loyalty experience, including everything players need for managing their loyalty, including both rewards shopping and status-based benefits management. Integrate the playAWARDS SDK into your app (which comes in both native iOS, Android, as well as with a Unity wrapper) and instantly gain access to our Loyalty Center. From there, the playAWARDS support team and the SDK handle the rest, including customization and over-the-air automatic updates.

This page will provide a brief introduction to the capabilities of the Loyalty Center SDK, as well as the delineation of ownership of its capabilities. For more information, including how to integrate this powerful product, visit our website or reach out to your playAWARDS Client Success Manager.

Get started with loyalty FAST with the playAWARDS Loyalty Center SDK!


Our latest Loyalty Center got a beautiful facelift for a more enjoyable experience. It’s more player-focused, designed to make finding rewards easier than ever. And for the first time, it includes the full loyalty tier status UI. No doubt about it, the new Loyalty Center is packed with new exciting features, so let’s get exploring!

Better Together

For more information on how to integrate and configure the playAWARDS loyalty center SDK, reach out to your playAWARDS client success manager!

Blockers and Banners

Elevate your players’ most coveted rewards, notify them of the latest news from myVIP, and more. This will get their attention and fuel their desire to engage with your app in order to earn and redeem more loyalty.

  • Blockers: Segmented, a/b testable, video-enabled

  • Banner Carousel: UI-driven management, can link anywhere within the loyalty center or outside

Increased Merchandisability, Increased Action

Shop by Destinations, Brands, and Collections

New swimlanes let players browse by destinations, brands, and collections, so your players can find what they’re looking for faster and easier.

It's Easier Than Ever to Find Rewards


Cross-promote your players to increase engagement across your portfolio.

Optimize the Portfolio-wide Player LTV

Custom Swimlanes

Tailor rewards merchandising to specific audiences using custom swimlanes. See the store dynamically change from day-to-day thanks to easy-to-manage administration tools.

A More Dynamic Homepage Has Players Coming Back Again and Again

Strike-out Pricing

Encourage players to purchase rewards before they're gone. Give your players that "Gotta get it now" feeling with limited-time offers.

Create a New Sense of Urgency with Reward Sales!

Language Localization


Reach a wider audience globally with AI-powered multi-language in the Loyalty Center. Players can toggle and read reward descriptions and more in their native language.

No hablo Inglés? The loyalty center supports 17 languages.

All of this and more comes out of the box with the 2024 Loyalty Center SDK!

So who's responsible for what in the new Loyalty Center?





FTUE & favoriting come out-of-the-box.


Multi-language comes out-of-the-box.



Automatic! Simply provide input on which rewards you'd like to see or set up.


We'll manage banners for you, but you may also configure them from the playAWARDS Console.

We'll manage this for you, but if you would like to add strike-out pricing, let us know!

Work with us to finalize the design of your FTUE and we'll take it from there!

We'll manage this for you, but if you would like to add a custom swimlane, let us know!

Multi-language comes out-of-the-box, but there is a cost associated, so reach out to your playAWARDS CSM.

We'll manage this for you, but if there are any rewards you wish to be tier-gated, let us know!

We'll configure this for you, but if you would like to change it, simply let us know!

playAWARDS Role

Your Role


Reward Setup & Management, Including merchandising, segmentation, & Restrictions Management

Blockers in the Loyalty Center, including video

Banner Carousel

Strike-out Pricing

FTUE & Favoriting

Custom Swimlanes


Tiered Rewards



Segmentation & Restrictions

Every reward in our our rewards store is segmented and consumption is governed. Our toolset offers a robust offering of segmentation and merchandising based on app, player geolocation, player spend, player VIP tier, and partner program. Certain rewards are subject to consumption restrictions based on the partner and the class of the reward.

The Right Reward to the Right Player

FTUE & Favoriting


Going forward, all players will participate in a first time user experience (FTUE) where they’ll favorite some rewards.  Beyond that, they can favorite a reward any time. The Loyalty Center will then make those rewards readily available to the player for when they're ready to buy, as well as help them track their progress. Additionally, playAWARDS can provide you this information so you can use it to create player incentive.

Crack Relevancy with Stored Preferences

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