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Introducing the playAWARDS Loyalty Webhook

At playAWARDS, we’re committed to providing our app partners with ways to more deeply integrate loyalty into the experiences they provide their players. We’re also committed to providing loyalty-as-a-service, and are excited to take as much of the heavy lifting off your plate as possible, so you can focus on making a great game for your players.

With that in mind, we created the Loyalty Webhook. The Loyalty Webhook is a content delivery system which can automatically deliver loyalty-centric messages, updates, news, and more to your players automatically, powered by playAWARDS. Simply integrate the Webhook and we’ll handle the rest, delivering the right messages to the right player at the right time.

This page will provide a brief introduction to the capabilities and use cases for the Webhook. For more information, including how to integrate, visit the documentation page or reach out to your playAWARDS Client Success Manager. Please also ask them about our Webhook Communication Contract, where we will work with you and come to an agreement about message frequency capping and content, so you can rest assured your players aren’t being overly bombarded with loyalty content above and beyond the communication program already determined by your app.

Behind the curtain, the webhook is powered by our suite of powerful omnichannel CRM tools, which allow us to segment players, build player journeys, A/B test our content, and more.

Capabilities & Roles

  • Integrate the loyalty webhook, configuring it for the capabilities you wish to take advantage of (one-time setup)

  • Rest assured that we’re communicating the right messages to the right players at the right time

  • Enjoy the benefits of automatic loyalty-centric messaging to your players!

Your Role

  • Curate, schedule, and deploy loyalty-centric content to your players

  • Abide by the communication contract that we’ve signed with you on frequency caps and content

  • Report to you the content being presented and your players’ reaction/performance

playAWARDS Role

  • Be informed of loyalty-centric messaging at the right time in their lifecycle

  • Engage more deeply with loyalty

  • Play longer and engage more deeply with your app

Your Players' Role

Use Cases

There are four main use cases for the Loyalty Webhook. Let’s discuss each one.

We’ll let you know when to apply a red dot (when we have news in the loyalty center).

Red Dot Badging

The webook can be used to take over ANY merchandising space in your app... Just specify the dimensions and we’ll take it from there!

Special Section Takeover


We can populate loyalty-centric inbox messaging to your app inbox.


Choose a moment to call blockers from our queue and we’ll provide loyalty updates to your players right inside your game lobby.

For more information on how to integrate, reach out to your playAWARDS client success manager!

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