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Welcome to the world's leading digital-to-destination loyalty program

A powerful “rewarded play” platform that connects millions of highly engaged mobile gamers with a curated collection of real world brands, driving value for both.

Engage, activate, and connect with our loyal audience.

Rewards Partners

Game Developers

Drive retention and monetization in your game with the world's leading mobile-first loyalty platform.


how Senior Support Agent and Ticket Resolution Extraordinaire, Bree Kaminskas resolves for your players.






Status Boost

As it relates to managing the Loyalty Point Economy, the 2024 Loyalty Engine has the following capabilities: Administration Centralizes the loyalty economy Easy-to-use config-based management See your economy and performance in the playAWARDS Game Console Capabilities Segment by myVIP tier or anon vs. authed and OS Manage LP issuance from N earn methods (by segment) Manage starting balances (by segment) Manage auth merge logic Manage daily and lifetime caps (by segment)

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