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Newsletter | May 2024

A Note From the Product Director...

Hello Friends and Partners,

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter! Through the year, we will be rolling out a number of new initiatives aimed at tightening the communication between playAWARDS and you, our partners. This newsletter represents just one such component of that effort.

As I write you, I'm reflecting back on Q1. It was a productive quarter for playAWARDS and our loyalty program. In March, we hosted a playAWARDS Bootcamp in Las Vegas for game developers to strengthen their collaboration with us and educate new program managers on the in's and out's of loyalty. Everyone found it immensely valuable! We also made great progress in Q1 on the integration of our new Loyalty Center in Tetris, POP Slots, and myVEGAS Slots, and we couldn't be prouder of the new experience we'll be bringing players of those games. (For more on the capabilities of the loyalty center, see below.)

Finally, as you digest the materials we're providing here, don't hesitate to reach out to me with any reactions or feedback you may have! As with everything we do, we're always looking to improve and bring more value to you and your business.

Stay Loyal,

Tim Delson

playAWARDS Product Director

A Note From your Client Success Manager | Andrew Bolich

Hi, I'm Andrew Bolich, your CSM, but you can call me "AB" for short. I'm here to support anything you need – and I mean ANYTHING – as it relates to loyalty in your app. Whether it's performance data around the latest host shadow event, integration documentation for a feature, or a request for sweepstakes inventory, consider me your one-stop-shop!


How well do you know the new Loyalty Center? We bet you might be surprised by what it's capable of. Click below to explore all of the amazing new functionality that this powerful new tool makes available to you and your players.

the New Loyalty Center!

That's right. With the Loyalty Webhook, playAWARDS can red-dot the store button, populate loyalty-centric messaging in your inbox, post blockers, and more. Click through to learn what all it can do and how it works.

Have you heard of playAWARDS's in-app content publishing tool?

We have some exciting new features that are rolling out in Q2 that we think you're going to love! Click through to learn about a new method of auth, a new way to show reward details, Loyalty Liveops, and more.

Just Wait Until You See What We Have In Store for Q2


The myVIP Website has some powerful (and underutilized) tools for driving direct purchase market share. Do you know them all? Click below to take put your knowledge to the test.

"I didn't know it did that..."
Promo Offers and Other Direct
Purchase Tool Surprises

Yep, it's that time already! We'd love to collaborate with you on what playAWARDS builds in Q3 and beyond. Reach out to your CSM to set up time and get on the map!

Let's Talk Q3 Roadmap!

The latest legislation in Europe and the Supreme Court's decision on Apple v. Epic has moved the target again on the regulatory landscape of off-platform purchase. So where did we land? Click here for a list of the do's in don'ts of what can be said and done in your app regarding merchandising off-platform purchasing.

So WHAT can I say in my app, exactly? We've got some clarity!

"Teamwork with the games team is so important in order to give the players the best possible experience."

This month, we sat down with Senior Support Agent and Ticket Resolution Extraordinaire, Bree Kaminskas. Click below to read the magic behind how she resolves issues for your players, making happy campers even on the stormiest of days, and scariest thing she's ever done.

Interview: Bree Kaminskas, Senior Support Agent


How did your app do with driving direct purchase wallet share last month? Come find out!

Direct Purchase Performance Update

We are excited to welcome our newest partner, Wet Hydration!


This lifestyle accessory drink is zero-sugar, zero-calorie, and loaded with flavor. Starting now, your players can use their LPs to treat themselves to a healthy drink in the myVIP Rewards store!

New Partner Alert: Wet Hydration

Losers Bar @ MGM Grand | Las Vegas, NV

April 25th | myVIP Player Meetup

206 Attendees

myVIP In Real LIfe


In April, myVIP held its biggest meetup ever! Here's what Rosa, a POP Slots player had to say: "Thank you! Dominique! Attending the myVIP Player Meet-Up was a highlight of my month! Nothing beats the thrill of mingling with fellow PopSLOTS! fans while grooving to live music. Can't wait for the next one!"

Every day, our amazing host team is building relationships with your players that last a lifetime. Come see how they've impacted your revenue, reactivated your players, and driven your players to purchase directly.

Host Impact

This month, we're launching POP Party! This adorable collection of party-goers has players partying all the way to the POP Slots Chip Store on Even better, it leverages brand new technology that rewards players with a prize if they collect every character in the set. Come join the party!

Collectibles Corner: This Month, It's a POP Party!


If we have a new partner, we would bring this section in.

New Partner Alert!

Here's an overview of your Rewards Store is performing. Click through for more and to view the full report!

Rewards Store Engagement

Here's an overview of your loyalty economy is performing. Click through for more and to view the full report!

Loyalty Economy

Thanks for another great month as our valued partner. As always, if you need anything to help support you and your loyalty initiatives in your app, reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Better Together

Do you know the top 3 reasons why your players are leaving your app? playAWARDS regularly asks the question. In this month's report, we summarize the answer for you.

And the Survey Says...
Why Do Your Players Leave?

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