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Upcoming Features in Q2

What's Coming in Q2?

We have some exciting new features that are rolling out in Q2 that we think you're going to love! This page will help you learn about Google Auth, The RDI, Loyalty Liveops, and more.


In-App Technologies

Here's what's to look forward to from the playAWARDS in-app technologies team.

We're adding a new method of authentication!

playAWARDS is interested in helping you and your players better connect. That's why soon, authentication at playAWARDS will include a third option, Google Auth, which should be especially useful for your Android players. You'll soon be able to integrate Google Auth in the same way you do with Facebook and Apple. This will increase our authentication rates, get us more marketable contact information, help more players smoothly transition from device-to-device, and help to further alleviate our dependence on Facebook.

Stay tuned for integration documentation and more on this new feature.

Google Authentication

Let your players learn about rewards – and buy them – from anywhere in your app!

At playAWARDS, we’re committed to providing our app partners with ways to more deeply integrate loyalty into the experiences they provide their players.

With that in mind, we're creating the rewards detail interface. The rewards detail interface (RDI) will be a versatile API delivering reward details directly to your app outside the loyalty center. Access to the RDI will be available through the playAWARDS SDK. Simply connect to the RDI, let us know which reward detail you’d like to display, and we’ll provide you the details so you can render them and display them to your players.

Merchandise the Right Rewards at the Right Time with the Rewards Detail Interface!

The Rewards Detail Interface & Instant Purchase

Loyalty Liveops

playAWARDS drives your players' short-term engagement and monetization behavior with Loyalty Liveops!

Soon, our Loyalty Engine will be equipped with Loyalty Liveops. That means players can perform behavior in your app, like playing, watching ads, or buying IAP, and get rewarded with Loyalty assets, like BIG LP grants, unlocked special rewards, and more, all with the time-sensitivity of traditional liveops.


Think "For each hand you play in the next 3 days, you'll get a bonus sweepstakes entry," or "Earn qualifying LPs now through Friday, and the top 1,000 earners will get our top prize."

And the best part? If your app is already integrated into the Loyalty Engine, there is no new integration work to do! playAWARDS can build liveops based on the existing app events you're sending to the Engine (unless you'd like to add more), and we can merchandise the entire liveops event flow entirely inside the Loyalty Center. Optional app support would include (a) adding additional player events, and (b) merchandising the events in your app.


Let's start driving value with Loyalty Liveops!

Support for Unity

Integration, Unified.

At playAWARDS, we strive for our technology to be as simple and easy as possible to integrate. With that in mind, we are building the playAWARDS SDK Unity Wrapper, as well as a Unity Sample App.


The Unity Wrapper is a way for Unity-based games to more easily integrate with our SDK. Abstracting the functions of our native SDKs in Unity allows for a seamless integration for our Unity based games.


If you're looking to integrate with playAWARDS and your app is on Unity, reach out to your CSM to learn more!

A/B Testing in the Loyalty Center

Optimize the Loyalty Center experience for your players and your app with A/B testing!


We're soon building the ability to A/B test our Loyalty Center. Most of the Loyalty Center is built on top of configs. With this technology, any of those attributes would be A/B testable.


Put your Loyalty Center to the test with questions such as:

  • Which swimlane should come first, second, and third?

  • Which rewards would get my players most engaged with loyalty?

  • What merchandising language maximizes rewards conversion?

  • And more!


The best part? There's nothing you will need to do! playAWARDS will manage these tests for you, with your partnership.


Let's get testing!

myVIP Website

Here are the exciting new features to look forward to on!

Achieve purchase experience parity!

We understand that if we want players buying bundles from us directly on, it's critical that we offer bundles on that rival those of in the app. That includes purchase gamification.


Soon we'll build a purchase bonus wheel that you can easily attach to all or select bundles. Simply flag which bundles you wish to include a wheel and work with us on the math and we'll take care of the rest!


If you're interested in this feature for your game, reach out to your CSM for more information!

Purchase Bonus Wheel

Giving players the chase... and bringing them back again and again!

We know how hard it is to get players to change their behavior, leave the app and purchase chips from the website. Behavior change is hard! Also, thanks to platform restrictions, we are bound to not talk about direct purchase chip deals in the app directly. That's why at playAWARDS, we're always looking for other things to talk about that get players on

And that's why we launched Rewards+ Digital Collectibles. So far they've been a huge success at driving players to the site and logging in – the most important step! And now, we're launching Collection Sets – a gamification of the collection mechanic.


Players must collect ALL FIVE collectibles in a set in order to unlock a benefit. Since we'll drop collectibles over time, players will be motivated to return again and again to complete their collection and get their prize. It's gonna be a lot of fun!

No technical integration work is necessary for apps to participate in this closed loop system. playAWARDS will work with you to come up with fun, engaging campaigns that your players will love. We'll then completely operationalize the strategy, design, art, and minting of each set campaign in-house. Other than your participation on the ideation, we just need to close the loop by advertising your set in your app to get your players visiting, buying sets, and checking out your game store!


Let's get collecting together!

Collection Sets

One-Time Sign-Up Bonus

Get your players signed in on with a sign-up bonus!

One of the most challenging aspects of driving direct purchase is getting that first transaction. That's in part because players can't see the value without signing in. We want to alleviate that friction with a one-time sign-up bonus. Players can sign up and immediately get a one-time kicker of chips – their favorite!


We'll be building this on the back of existing technologies, so no work will be necessary for you to participate in this new benefit! When this feature is ready, we'll be reaching out to partner with you on campaigns!

playCREDIT Back

Let's get players buying direct again and again!

Introducing the cash back program! We'll work with you to configure a reinvestment percentage, then award that percentage to your players as they buy on in the form of a store credit. They'll want to buy direct again and again so they can build up their credit – which can only be accrued on participating purchases on, then return to to use their credit for more of your currency!

There's no technical integration work necessary for apps to participate in this closed loop feature. If you're interested in offering a credit back to your players, reach out to your CSM!

For more information on how to integrate, reach out to your playAWARDS client success manager!

That's a Wrap

We hope you're as excited about Q2 as we are!

We know that everything we're building is going to bring value to your players and your app, and we're excited to work with you to get these features in the market, in front of players, and driving value!


Let's go drive lift together!

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